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Available right now are Porch SongsOrdinary LiveDog Tracks, and Two Nights in Myrtletown.  I think each contains an interesting collection of songs, and although stylistically they are generally similar, they each have their own particular flavor as well.  Dog Tracks and Two Nights in Myrtletown feature the EH-H Band; the other 2 titles are projects that I produced separately, although band members add their expertise for a number of the tunes.

Listen here to some of my available songs.

Dog Tracks is a sweet recording I made with the band; there are no overdubs, just bass, drums, dobro and my one guitar and voice.  It includes a couple of the most favorite things I’ve ever written, including “Up All Night” and “My Own Worst Enemy.”

My favorite cuts from Ordinary Life include “So Long, Never Goodbye” and “I Remember You.”  Both have strong personal meaning for me, based on lives of people I loved very much.  There’s also “Nobody Knows Your Name,” which I like, frankly, because it kicks ass.  
**An Ordinary Life songbook is also available, with alternate-chord charts, complete lyrics, and insights into the stories or inspiration behind the songs.**

Porch Songs is a product of my days in Oregon, a place I loved so well. The thing I like best about Porch Songs is that it includes the premier of “Durango,” my one and only tune featuring a geologist as the main character, and 2 songs that are particular favorites of mine, “Faith in the Ties that Bind” (also called “Gus”),  and “Abbey.”  This disk also includes “Tennessee Peaches,” which was an award winner at the Sisters Folk Festival.

The latest CD is Two Nights in Myrtletown by the EHH Band. For me, this project represents a snapshot in history for the group as well as for my writing. By the fall of 2006, we had played a lot of shows and had accumulated a core group of songs that we enjoyed jamming on a lot. We took advantage of an invitation to play a live radio show (the “Back Porch” show on KHUM-FM) to focus and record the stuff we had been playing live for more than a year.

What you’ll hear is a recording straight to multitrack with no overdubs. We recorded the tracks both during the live radio show, which was on a Wednesday night, and the dress rehearsal the night before. All this took place at Tim Gray’s Myrtletown Records in Eureka, California, to include the actual live radio broadcast, thanks to Larry Trask of KHUM and his remote-broadcast engineering skills.

At the end of the 2 nights we picked out the cuts we liked the best. After some final mixing with Tim, I sent the project off to be  mastered by Mark Chalecki at Capitol Records, way on down south in LA.  This project includes live band versions of some favorite previously released songs (“Durango,” “Talk to Me,” “Life is a Road”). It also includes some brand new songs -- with lots of space for storytelling and jamming -- including “Outwit a Coward," “Say So,”  “Hear Me,” and “When Love is Like the Rain.”