Every Day is Mother's Day

**The following is an essay I wrote in 2004, and although a few things in my life have changed, the basic elements certainly still apply. The eternal juggling act continues, and the struggles, and -- oh yes -- the absolute joy.**

This is kind of personal, but I love being a mom, and so much of what I think about these days as an artist arises from the complex emotions I feel as a parent. I spent most of my adult life living what I thought was a fairly interesting existence, but then at 37 this completely foreign thought came into my mind: I wanted to have a baby. I had no idea, I mean, NO IDEA, what it would take to be a parent, let alone a good one. But since the day Ethan was born, I’ve been trying my best to straighten out the learning curve, and avoid completely screwing up if at all possible. In truth, I think my life as a mom is not unusual: I have very limited time to myself, I’m juggling a hundred things at once all the time, and some days I want to pull all my hair out. But somehow I’m really happy, too. I really, really am. 

All that said, I know that I have it relatively easy as a mom. I have one bright, healthy child and a supportive life partner (my husband Mark) who is totally into being a dad. In comparison, I’ve personally known so many women who have really had to struggle -- single moms working and raising the kids on their own, moms with special-needs kids, moms with totally unsupportive life partners, moms with stressful jobs AND toddlers (eek!), etc., etc., -- and they’ve all been so great! I‘ve watched so many people digging through their lives, doing what they do, and making the world a better place. My list of these everyday heroes is huge, and oh by the way, my own mother is at the top. 

These days I try to book out-of-town shows on weekends, because I don’t want to be away from home too much during the week. Yes, I am an artist, and I’m trying to make that work. But the fact is, every day is Mother’s Day, and there’s a ton of stuff to do! Besides that, I have this really cute kid, and I really don’t want to miss anything.

So, thanks for your interest in my music, and for coming out to shows whenever you can. I know you’re busy, but I love having the chance to connect with you and share my ideas.

Hey! Thanks for listening!